If you don’t know what a ‘fucksaw’ is, you probably didn’t go to Northwestern

Class presentations don’t get much more unconventional: last week Northwestern psychology professor John Bailey held an optional after-class demonstration in which a naked woman had an orgasm live onstage, as a man identified as her fiance used a sex toy known as a “fucksaw” on her. The girl was not a student, according to the Daily Beast. The sex act was the climax (no pun intended) of a talk by guest lecturer Ken Melvoin-Berg, who offers sex tours of Chicago.

“Both Professor Bailey and myself gave them five or six warnings about what was about to happen,” Melvoin-Berg tells the Chicago Tribune. Some students left, but about 100 stayed as a naked woman came onstage and explained that she had a fetish for being watched by large crowds. The event has created a bit of a stir, but the school has issued a statement standing behind Bailey, and the professor is unrepentant. “Sticks and stones may break your bones,” he reportedly told another class this week, “but watching naked people on stage doing pleasurable things will never hurt you.”

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