Carlie Beck gets fired thanks to pissy tattler

A student who had a hand in the firing of Carlie Christine, the cheerleading coach caught posing nude for Playboy’s website, appeared on “The Today Show” Monday morning.

Adelle Geniella, 14, was joined by her parents Scott and Heather to discuss the controversial case.

Christine, which is the name she is identified by on the Playboy site but also goes by the last name Beck, was coaching students at Casa Roble High School in Orangeville, CA, when nude photographs of her ended up on the principal’s desk. The pictures were apparently delivered by students who got cut from her team, and some of the girls’ parents helped with the whistle-blowing.

Geniella said on “Today” she was captain of the cheerleading team but was barred from next year’s tryouts after having too many unexcused absences. When she discovered her coach had nude photographs of herself splayed on the Internet, she and her parents tattled to administrators. The Geniella family said they went to officials because they found Beck’s past to be unprofessional, and not for revenge.

“When I found out about it, I definitely lost respect,” Adelle told Matt Lauer. “That’s not where my morals stand.”

Carlie Beck, named Playboy’s “Cyber Girl of the Week” in February, told NBC that she feels that her nude modeling should not affect her employment at Casa Roble.

“I understand that morals are a subject of opinion, and although parents may have different opinions than I, they’re entitled to those,” Beck said. “As far as [whether] the job can be based on someone’s opinions of morals, I don’t know that that is true.”

Watch a clip below from NBC’s “Today” show for more on the case — and also hear from other students who believe that Beck should not have gotten fired for posing naked.


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