Bill O’Reilly uses internal affairs to spy on cheating wife

Did Bill O’Reilly sic internal affairs on his wife’s police officer boyfriend? That’s the soap opera-worthy tale Gawker is hawking today.

A source close to Nassau internal affairs officer Richard Harasym says Harasym was asked to meet with a pair of private detectives working for O’Reilly, to investigate a fellow officer who was allegedly sleeping with O’Reilly’s estranged wife, and to tell said officer to end the affair. Harasym refused, and was booted from internal affairs a few months later.

The order allegedly came directly from then-commissioner Lawrence Mulvey. At the time, O’Reilly was considering a big donation to help build a new $48 million police training facility. No one directly involved in the case would comment; Mulvey said he didn’t know “if the investigation is ongoing or concluded,” adding that O’Reilly, whom he knows personally, hadn’t requested the investigation.

Internal affairs says it investigates any civilian complaint “no matter how frivolous it appears.”

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