Are you a foodie with a degree in engineering? NASA needs you!

is on the lookout for a few good cooks to experience life on Mars. Researchers backed by the space agency are seeking a team of volunteers for a simulation of the journey. Its aim: to determine what to put on the menu for a hypothetical future trip, which would last three years.

Participating in the simulation would mean spending four months in a base on a Hawaii lava flow, wearing imitation spacesuits and eating what astronauts currently eat—plus cooking using a selection of durable ingredients.

NASA wants to choose inexpensive, healthy foods—and it wants to ensure astronauts don’t get sick of the offerings. “It’s important to keep astronauts eating well,” says a researcher at Cornell, where the pre-Hawaii training sessions will be held. “It goes to mission success and astronaut safety.”

Volunteers should be “easygoing, without a whole lot of prickles—people who are interested in , who know how to cook.” The exact location hasn’t been set yet, but “we need a site that is very low on vegetation, visually isolated, visually Mars-like and very stark,” says a University of Hawaii researcher.

Interested? You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, biological or physical sciences, mathematics, or computer science—and you’ll need to apply here by Feb. 29.

Cy Heraldson

NASA continues to perpetuate the big lie that they landed on other planets. So they call attention to the myth every so often to show the feds they are making the most of the stealing the taxpayer dollars. This latest one might be on Oprah or Ellen. Some day, someone at NASA will have the guts to admit the landings were all staged. It is painfully obvious to those of us in video production. If landing on other planets and screwing around with rocketry is such a big deal, then why isn’t the private sector doing it? They aren’t that dumb. They wait till the bids come out, get the bid and make money from Uncle Sam the easy way.

Saul Levy

I have to entirely agree with Cy. NASA should be shut down. The money saved could clothe the naked and feed the hungry.