Here’s The Skyrim/Game Of Thrones Mashup You Didn’t Know You Needed (video)

Someone took the time to make this amazing Game of Thrones intro for Skyrim… it’s DOPE.


Must Watch: Andrei Linde Gets News That He Was Right About The Big Bang Theory

You know how two days ago it was announced that we had pretty much confirmed the big bang theory? Well, here’s a video of assistant Professor Chao-Lin Kuo surprising Professor Andrei Linde with evidence that supports cosmic inflation theory.

Oh, Mr. Linde is like the father of the cosmic inflation theory and has been wondering 30 years if we would ever be able to confirm he was right.


Are You A Good Liar? (video)

Do you think you’re a good liar? Are your friends bad liars? Well, psychologist Richard Wiseman, author of “59 Seconds: Think A Little, Change A Lot” devised this nifty 5 second test to find out.



Troops Coming Home For Christmas Is Still Awesome To Watch (video)

Do you need a Christmas pick up? This video of troops coming home for the holidays and surprising their loved ones should definitely do it for you.

Happy Holidays!


Awesome Mountain Goats Are Immortal (video)

These 10 mountain goats are so kick ass not even an avalanche in the French Alps could get them.

In this video, concerned onlookers watch as the Chamois goats seem to be overtaken by an avalanche. Six of the animals outran the oncoming snow, but four of them appeared to be overcome by it, the Telegraph reports. Then, applause from the onlookers: The goats escaped and were spotted again as they re-joined their buddies. The group filming the ordeal was made up of skiers, the Independent reports, and they had been speculating that the goats must be dead before they emerged safe.


WestJet Gives Hundreds Of Lucky Passengers Their Best Flight EVER (video)

WestJet, an airline based in Calgary (Canada), gave 250 airline passengers the best flight ever. THE BEST.

I don’t want to give it away but it involves a virtual Santa, a flight and lots and lots of surprise presents.


This Is How You Open A Can Of Tuna (video)

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of the zombi apocalypse with a can of tuna an no way to open it? You are not alone. But thanks to this pretty awesome video from the Crazy Russian Hacker you don’t have to worry about not getting your fine tuna nutrients to fight off the biters.

Remember… in Soviet Russia, cans open you.


This Is How They Make The Old Spice Ads (video)

Someone posted a ‘behind the scenes’ video of the making of one of the Old Spice ads… Prepare to have your FREAKING MIND BLOWN AWAY.

This is so creative it makes me want to vomit.