Italian douche: Silvio Berlusconi calls Angela Merkel ‘an unfuckable fat ass’

Maybe mistook for one of his hookers instead of the leader of one of the globe’s more stable economies: The cringe-inducing Italian PM’s latest involves a phone conversation—with a newspaper editor in which he reportedly refers to the 57-year-old German chancellor as “an unfuckable fat ass.” The phone call turned out to be taped, as these things so often are, and is now making the rounds as part of a blackmail investigation.

A Berlusconi-owned newspaper dismisses the reports as “gossip.”

Germany’s Bild newspaper took the matter somewhat more seriously, yesterday running a headline that read: “Did Berlusconi insult our Chancellor Merkel?” It’s not the first time Berlusconi has dissed his German counterpart, reports the Daily Mail. At a summit two years ago, Berlusconi let Merkel waiting while he chatted away on the cell phone, while the year before, he pounced on her from behind a statue as he shouted “peek a boo!” when Merkel arrived in Italy for an official visit.

I think Berlusconi has forgotten he would indeed be unfuckable if it weren’t for the magic of Viagra. And I bet Italians are happy knowing that Berlusconi is spending his time thinking about the possibilities of fucking Angela Merkel instead of how to fix their worse-than-shit economy.