Veena Malik suing FHM in bizarre naked cover scandal (pic)

FHM India’s December issue features a cover pic of Pakistani actress and reality TV star in all her naked glory… But Malik is now claiming she was digitally undressed and wants someone to pay for it.

Malik asserts that FHM “doctored” the cover shot to make her look naked and is now suing the magazine for $2 million. Malik’s spokesperson told The Express Tribune that Malik “denies this shoot. These pictures have never been taken.” Meanwhile, her lawyer says the starlet wore underpants during the shoot and “has not posed in the manner in which she has been shown”; the panties disappeared due to “tampering.”

“Off with their heads!” I say… oh, wait… what’s that? FHM editor Kabeer Sharma says video footage of the photo shoot proves that Malik was in fact naked the whole time she was posing. They’ve decided not to release the video to the public due to its “nature,” but say they are considering a countersuit.

Why would Malik pose naked then deny it? Maybe all those Taliban death threats have something to do about it, or maybe because her father wants her arrested for the pictures. Meanwhile, Pakistani government officials outraged by the photos say they might revoke Malik’s citizenship, criminally charge her, or ban her from the country—but first they have to figure out if the pictures are authentic.

Malik isn’t the first actress to accuse FHM of photo tampering. Indian actress Kajal Agarwal made a similar claim regarding a “topless” photo of her that ran on the magazine’s September issue cover.

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